Winewyn Strongblade

Human Paladin (Noble Knight)


str :15 Dex: 13 Con: 13 Int*: 10 Wis :13 Cha: 15

AC:18 HP: 11

Armor:Chainmail and shield



Winewyn Strong-blade is the oldest son of Lord Francis Strong-blade of the Stone hold region. The Strong-blade’s are a fairly new noble family. Lord Francis showed great loyalty to Lord Sand-bridge during a time when the lands were invaded by Orcs. In reward for his loyalty and bravery Strong-blade was given some lands and named a Lord. Lord Sand-bridge also knighted Winewyn for his support during the war also. Winewyn has been sent out to help destroy evil and adventure through the world to help create a name for himself and glory for his family. His father has told Winewyn to maintain loyalty to the Sand-bridge family at all cost.

Winewyn Strongblade

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