The Lost Mines OF Phandelver

LMOP Session 3 Recap

Session 3 recap

After spending sometime in Phandelvin the party picked up a new friend.. Also while at the Inn the Bard Grimtale did an astonishing drinking song detailing some of his friends exploits along the journey to Phandelvin.. This song managed to raise some eyebrows at the Inn and managed to gain the attention of the Redbrands… Prior to leaving town the party was set upon by a small group of ruffians that hastily was lulled into a sleep by the bard and captured.. After awakening they were questioned and the party managed to get two mysterious names from them one the leader of the redbrands the second an individual that hired them to harass adventurers as well as the townsfolk.. This caused a little concern for our party .. However they decided to leave them tied to a signpost in the center of town.. Then hastily left the town in search of the possible hideout of those that had aattempted to ambush them on their way to Phandelvin…


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